All of my clients, who have kindly provided these testimonials, have said that they would be very happy to discuss their experiences with anyone who is considering working with me.


Simon supported the directors at Labyrinth Logistics Consulting at a period of rapid growth and when we had decided to change the way the business was managed and developed.  Knowing that this would require changes to our individual and joint management approaches we decided coaching support would be key to assisting us with this crucial transition.

Simon’s approach and style was ideally suited to this process. With a mixture of individual and joint sessions, Simon challenged us to get a clearer view of where we wanted to go, and why, helped us uncover road blocks and encouraged us to diarise actions and decisions before the next session. When we were feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed Simon helped us see a clear path forward.

The value of using Simon has been significant to our business, and we are already seeing tangible rewards. We would certainly recommend Simon’s services to others in a similar position.

Ruth Waring, Managing Director, Labyrinth Logistics Consulting Ltd (labyrinthsolutions.co.uk) and Founder of Women in Logistics UK (womeninlogistics.org.uk)


I have to confess to being initially very sceptical about engaging in coaching but Simon’s open and encouraging approach to his role has changed my view completely!

He enabled me to pull myself back from the detailed daily routines and look at the business from a safe distance – giving myself the opportunity to look at the bigger picture and the future of the business without any constraints.

His positive attitude to change is contagious and within a limited space of time he enabled me to see the same picture in a number of different ways, exploring possibilities and removing the fear factor.

Claire Trumper, Founder, Trumper’s Tea Ltd   (trumperstea.co.uk)


Simon is an excellent business coach.  For a number of years I had been working for a major organisation but I wasn’t getting the results I thought I deserved. Through working with Simon, I have now identified my key self-limiting behaviours, and created a level of self awareness which never existed before. I now have a strategy for building relationships with colleagues and influencing decision making in a positive way.  I started to see results immediately and for the first time in years, I’m enjoying my job.

Head of Analytics (now MD), one of the UK’s leading data marketing companies


I’ve been working with Simon for almost eight months and have surprised myself with the progress that I have made in terms of my own development. Simon has helped me increase my levels of self awareness, which has in turn enabled me to identify behaviours and strategies to improve relationship building with colleagues at all corporate levels.

Simon created a very open and trusting atmosphere from the word go. I immediately felt at ease and despite dealing with some difficult topics and questions, never once felt that I was being judged. This meant we were able to get to work immediately and get the most value out of our sessions.

Simon’s corporate experience is invaluable in our coaching relationship and I feel that he can really understand and empathise with the challenges I face in my day to day work. Despite some initial hesitations, I’m very pleased that I decided to enlist the support of a coach and that that coach is Simon. I would highly recommend Simon to anyone looking for a professional coach.

Assistant Vice President (now Vice President), Human Resources, international banking


I was put forward by my Chief Executive to work with Simon on how to prepare myself for taking my career to the next level – stepping up from Manager to Director. Having never had the opportunity of one to one coaching in the past, I was sceptical about how it could help my professional self-development. I was also apprehensive about the sessions all being about me! However, straight away Simon made me feel at ease, helping me unpick my current mindset and experience, to isolate skills gaps or working methods that on reflection I felt could be improved. Simon’s objective suggestions and professional soundboard for discussion helped me highlight the development areas that need more time investment to enable me to become a more rounded professional. Simon also helped me work on how I could adapt my current work plan to address the director or leadership gaps I felt I had. Whilst I sometimes found it hard taking time out of a busy schedule, I felt the 2 hour sessions with Simon were essential to my career development and so never missed one. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending professional coaching with Simon to my family, friends or colleagues.

Senior Manager (now Associate Director), leading UK property developer


Simon has supported Harworth Estates with both executive coaching and also consultancy on health and safety and operational issues. His broad experience has allowed him to adapt creatively to the variety of situations presented. Throughout the work he has consistently taken a considered and balanced approach giving a very helpful mix of challenge and support. As a result, the root causes of issues have risen to the surface allowing for sustainable change, creating real value for us.

Owen Michaelson, Chief Executive, Harworth Group plc (harworthestates.co.uk)