Non-Exec Director

iStock_000019378982Large-1My non-executive board positions and my consultancy work focus on strategic issues, working on:

  • Changing the shape of a business;
  • Plotting a new strategic direction;
  • Transforming an important aspect of the culture;
  • Assessing and mapping risk.

These are the types of areas where I think I can add most value for my clients and are also where I have had most success in my career.  To see some of my own experiences and successes in these areas go to About me.

Don’t let people tell you that running a business is anything other than a messy and difficult process. Whether it is the never-ending stream of issues, the absence of anything simply black and white or the sheer amount of your life it consumes, it often drives individuals to the limits of their capabilities.

iStock_000000730131Medium-1In the challenging economic climate since the end of 2007, rationalisation has left most businesses with fewer people dealing with more work.   Often they are doing things they were never trained to do or had experience in.

Yet the satisfaction of overcoming hurdles, seeing team members develop and having moments of success (however big or small), have kept people going.  Despite everything, most businesses are still operating and are stronger for the challenges endured, albeit fatigued and scarred from the battles.

Now is a good time to:

          • Take stock of the shape or direction of your business or
          • Look more at future opportunities rather than simply focusing on survival.

If you think that this is you and that I might be able to help please contact me.  See Consulting FAQs for more.