Executive Coaching

Vision test for glassesCoaching is about helping talented people fulfil their potential.  I like the equation PERFORMANCE = POTENTIAL – INTERFERENCES.  We will probably spend lots of time talking about the interferences; we all have them.

My clients come to me in one of two ways:

  • Either they have been offered the services of a coach by their employer, or,
  • They have decided to approach me directly, sometimes as an owner of their own business.

We work together to achieve a crystal clear view of what is going on around them and inside them. They use this clarity to change the way they approach problems and opportunities or how they behave and interact with others.

We do this by exploring different perspectives, challenging perceptions and tuning into all of the client’s thoughts and feelings.  I make sure that all of this happens in an environment that the client feels is positive, safe and confidential.