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My name is Simon Taylor and I work as an executive coach and as a non-exec director. I am currently engaged with clients in logistics-related IT, manufacturing, tea blending and retailing, mining, property development and marketing analytics. These businesses vary in their stages of evolution from start-ups through to leaders in their field.

How can I help you? I know from experience that businesses and individuals can very easily find themselves stuck when faced with unexpected challenges or choices about what to do next. In most cases this is not through any lack of knowledge. It is more likely that immediate pressures mean that either they can’t find time and space to properly consider the options; or that the leadership team don’t share the same views; or that the status quo has an unhealthy appeal.

If any of these situations seem familiar and you think you might benefit from a helping hand as you navigate through to the other side, please read more about my executive coaching and non-exec director and business consultancy work on the following pages. If after that you think I might be the person to help, please contact me for a no-obligation conversation.

My experience has been gained over a 28-year corporate career. In the latter half of that time I worked in a series of Board positions where I held line-management responsibility for businesses in the manufacturing, mining and quarrying sectors, in the UK, the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland.  You can find more in About me.

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